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Shhh - I'm hunting ghosts...

a girl and her voices

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Welcome To Ghost_Adventure!

I've purposely designed this journal in bright, lively colors for one reason - I loathe dark, spooky webpages when it comes to studying the paranormal. Parapsychology should not be a scary experience and I think that anyone who tries to make it out to be is just not cool. There is nothing worse than trying to analyze a photograph or listen to an EVP on a website that contains animated ghosts and ghouls floating about on a pitch-black background. It's not fun or easy to navagate and it's sorta hard to read, IMHO. So, if your expecting a spine-tingling, Amityville-Horror kinda experience, than this journal might not be the best place for you.

If your interested in the paranormal and consider yourself open-minded, then come on in! You will, however, have to become a member in order to view or post.

What you will find here:

My own personal EVP's and paranormal photographs, links, information and a whole myriad of notes on my research. This journal is my online notebook - the lazy way to avoid writing with a pen.

What you will NOT find here:

Religious debates
Ghost photos and EVP's taken from other sites.

What this place is/isn't:

This place is NOT a community. You cannot post your own stuff here unless you e-mail me first and ask permission nicely. However, this does not mean I'm not interested in what you have to share...believe me, it's quite the opposite! But, like I said before, this journal is an online notebook on MY findings. Any download you would like to share with me can be done by e-mail or through one of the many IM programs the internet has to offer. :)

This place IS a forum of intelligent, open-minded individuals who have an interest in the paranormal and don't mind reading my mind-numbing babble about my hobby. :)


I'm calling on the help of anyone who is willing to work with me on my research of EVP's. The only requirements needed are spare time, patience, an open-mind, headphones, speakers and a mic. E-mail me and we can discuss this in greater detail.

Who am I?:

I'm a 33 year-old wife and mother who just so happens to enjoy listening to the 'dead' speak. :) Anything more you want to know can be found through my personal journal.